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Fighting Stigma

Epilepsy affects millions of people worldwide. Treatments have been developed to combat the disorder, but many still do not have access to treatments, including those in Sub-Saharan Africa. The centuries-long stigma surrounding epilepsy has isolated many, as various cultural beliefs in the Sub-Saharan region liken epilepsy to witchcraft or a curse.
The “Curse of Stigma” documentary aims to share the stories of two women living with epilepsy in Africa. Living in and sharing the truth about the disorder has freed these women from the stigma surrounding epilepsy.

The Whitten-Newman Foundation and the BAND Foundation partnered with myheartcreative to design the website to promote the film and raise awareness for the International Bureau for Epilepsy’s African Anti-Stigma Campaign to reduce stigma and advance epilepsy treatments in Africa. Here, you can find the film’s trailer, details about the organizations involved with “The Curse of Stigma,” and helpful information about epilepsy. To get involved, please reach out.